AGEA | Weekly Forex Forecast Contest

AGEA | Weekly Forex Forecast Contest

1. Share WebTrader ( on ANY social network (,,,,
2. Enter your social network profile URL (where you shared WebTrader) and your prediction of EUR/USD value on Friday 21h GMT (when market closes).

Terms And Conditions
1. No fee to enter the competition. The competition is open to all AGEA account holders.
2. There is one prize of $100. This will be credited to your AGEA account (in the currency of the account). Money can be withdrawn when minimum of 0.1 lot is traded.
3. To enter the competition you need to share AGEA WebTrader publicly, send your EUR/USD four-digit quote forecast along with your AGEA username trough form on this page. The forecast should be same quote as at the end of the weekly market session (21h GMT).
4. Forecasts should be provided by 9h GMT on the final day. Forecasts provided after 9h shall not be entered into the competition.
5. The winner shall be the person who publishes the most accurate forecast. In the event that more than one person publishes the same forecast, the earliest entry shall win.
6. The winner will be decided by an independent judge and the Winner will be notified by publication on the AGEA facebook page within 7 days of the closing date.

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