Corsa Capital | No Deposit Bonus 100$

Corsa Capital | No Deposit Bonus 100$

1. Open live trading account HERE 

2. Verify your account in the Client Cabinet. In order to complete the verification process, you need to upload a copy of yoBecome affiliateur identity document in the relevant section of the Client Cabinet. The application will be considered within one day. Then you will receive an email on successful completion of your account verification.

3. When your account is verified, you will need to follow the link in the menu to activate your Fixed Welcome Bonus.
The Fixed Welcome Bonus cannot be withdrawn, but the whole profit withdrawal is allowed with no restrictions.

If you have any questions or problems related to the Fixed Welcome Bonus receipt, please contact

T $ C : 

1. Every Client is entitled to get the Fixed Welcome Bonus in the amount of $100 to a trading                 account with Corsa Capital.
2. The Client confirms that he gets the Fixed Welcome Bonus only once. Multiply receiving of Fixed     Welcome Bonus is not stipulated by the terms of the program.
3. The Client confirms that he/she gets the bonus for himself/herself and not for the members of             his/her family or relatives.
4. The bonus can be credited only to a newly opened account with no trading activity on it.
5. The Fixed Welcome Bonus is not subject to withdrawal; it remains on the account until its                    cancellation. The profit related to the Fixed Welcome Bonus can be withrdawn if it has run          over $20 since the moment the bonus was credited. Profit of any kind exceeding $20 is                  allowed for withdrawal. After withdrawal, the bonus is cancelled as well as the $20. 
6.  No more than $1 of the bonus funds can be involved in one trade.
7.  No more than one active trade involving the bonus is allowed.
8.  Transactions with the use of Fixed bonus are available only for binary options.
9.  affiliate commissions from trades carried out on a customer’s account credited with the Fixed               bonus are paid to the partner only after the customer has replenished the account with at least $50.
10. To receive the bonus, go through identification procedure by providing the high-quality scanned          copy of your ID. In some cases the Company reserves the right to request for additional                       information at Company’s own discretion.
11. The company reserves the right to withhold the bonus without giving reasons.
12. The customer has 10 days to contest the company’s decision to withhold the bonus or cancel it            using the following e-mail:



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