FORTFS - NDB 100$ - INCLUSIVE 5 DAYS "27 - 31 JAN 2020" -
2. Make sure to receive $100 on your trading accounts only from the 27th to the 31st of January!
  1. The Welcome Bonus 100 USD can be received within the promotional time period, from 27.01.2020 to 31.01.2020 (5 days) inclusive.
  2. The Welcome Bonus 100 USD can only be received once on 1 trading account. The Welcome Bonus 100 USD is not available for Newbie, PRO and S.T.A.R. accounts.
  3. If there is already an active welcome bonus on any trading account, it must be cancelled before a new bonus can be activated.
  4. Before the completion of the trading turnover requirement, the bonus cannot be invested in S.T.A.R. accounts.
  5. It is necessary to complete the trading turnover requirements within 14 calendar days after obtaining the bonus in order to withdraw the bonus funds of up to 100 USD. The requirements are 75 lots (7500 lots for cent accounts). The withdrawal amount of Client’s own funds is not limited.
    • If you want to prolong the 14 days just deposit 100 USD or more to the same trading account and the time limit will be extended to 45 calendar days! After completing a deposit it is necessary to contact the FortFS Customer Support service via the following e-mail:
    • In case if the trading turnover requirements of 75 lots were not completed within the time limit, the active Welcome Bonus will be cancelled. Pay your attention to the fact that the welcome bonus expiration leads to all previously placed positions closing at the current market prices. We kindly advise you to take this information into consideration in order to complete the required bonus turnover or cancel the bonus/bonuses to avoid misunderstanding. If you have completed the required trading turnover or cancel welcome bonus before the expiration date the forced positions closing will not take place.
  6. The trades performed only on Forex and Commodities (Metals) are counted into the required trading turnover.
  7. Relatives are not eligible for the bonus. If it happens, the bonus and the profit gained with it will be canceled on all related accounts.
  8. If the amount of Welcome bonus funds on the client's account is twice the amount of the client's own funds or more, then all received profit is considered bonus profit. In other cases, the client's own funds and the profit received with it are withdrawn without restrictions. In order to take deposit bonuses, please, refer to other promotions of the company.
  9. Partners will receive their commission in accordance with the proportion of the client's own funds. If the client's own funds represent 90% of the total account balance and the 10% are bonus funds, then the partner will be credited with the 90% of the usual commission.
  10. In case of fraudulent actions (such as: the bonus was received by the same person on more than one account or under different profiles, multi-directional trades, meaningless lots generation, etc.), the company reserves the right to, without notice, cancel the bonus and the earned profit from such an account (accounts).
  11. In case of any relation between accounts (IP address, used devices, etc.) as well as the use of means that provide anonymity (proxy, VPN, networks such as Tor, etc.), the company reserves the right to, after investigation, cancel the Welcome Bonus and the earned profit.
  12. To get the welcome bonus, the client must pass the full verification process in accordance with the Company's requirements.

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